Partitioning Antibodies: HTJoinSolver

Icon of HTJoinSolver Big data is also impacting biomedical research and clinical processes. In 1987,  Susumu Tonegawa was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for his discovery of the genetic principle for generation of antibody diversity.” The mechanism that forms the diverse antibodies in our bodies is called V(D)J recombination, or less commonly … More Partitioning Antibodies: HTJoinSolver

Ranking Everything: an Overview of Link Analysis Using PageRank Algorithm

This is an age of quantification, meaning that we want to give everything, even qualitative, a number. In schools, teachers measure how good their students master mathematics by grading, or scoring their homework. The funding agencies measure how good a scientist is by counting the number of his publications, the citations, and the impact factors. … More Ranking Everything: an Overview of Link Analysis Using PageRank Algorithm

EMBERS: predicting civil unrest real-time

I heard about this project, EMBERS (acronym to Early Model Based Event Recognition using Surrogates), in a DC Data Science meetup. The speaker was Naren Ramakrishnan from VirginiaTech. To me, it is a real big data project. It is a software that forecasts massive atrocities, particularly on civil unrest (mainly in Latin America and Middle East). They … More EMBERS: predicting civil unrest real-time

Hello world!

Welcome to this blog! I started this blog to share about ideas and projects in analytics and data science with colleagues and the general public! I am a data scientist, an applied quantitative researcher. I specialize in data mining, natural language processing and machine learning. I held a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. My blog posts … More Hello world!