Text mining can be applied on rap lyrics. Today I attended an event organized by Data Science MD Meetup Group, a talk titled “Lose Yourself in Rapalytics,” by Abhay, a PhD student in University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Rapalytics is an online tool analyzing raps. It is another task of text mining and natural … More Rapalytics

Terrorism, Polarization, and Social Influences

Paris attack on Nov 13, 2015 shocked the Earth. And the discussions about terrorism, nationalism, imperialism, religious institutions and fundamentalism is getting heated again. However, there have been some social scientists who argue that these are not the core roots, but the social networks. Cass Sunstein, a Professor at Harvard University , discussed about it right … More Terrorism, Polarization, and Social Influences

Topology in Physics and Computing

Topology has been shown to reveal important information about geometry and shape from data, [Carlsson 2015][Carlsson 2009] as I have talked about in various TDA blog entries. I have also demonstrated how to describe the topology if discrete data points by constructing simplicial complexes, and then calculated the homology and Betti numbers. (I will talk about … More Topology in Physics and Computing

Core Competencies of Data Science Education

What should a data scientist know? What are the core skills of a data scientist? I have not seen another job title so vague and ambiguous that arouses so many debates and discussions. BD2K (Big Data to Knowledge) Centers of NIH (National Institutes of Health) [Ohno-Machado 2014] have issued funding to a few tertiary colleges … More Core Competencies of Data Science Education