Labels Removed

Effective 12/23/2015, the title of the entries in this blog will no longer come with labels like “MathAnalytics,” “CodieNerd,” or “DataCritics” etc., because a lot of entries actually fit more than one labels. On the other hand, I want the headline to be beautified. In order to find all the posts under, for example, “DataCritics,” … More Labels Removed

Temporal Influence in Data Analysis

Biomedical research and clinical data are often collected on the same sample of data¬†at different points in time. These data are called “longitudinal data.” (See the definition by BLS.) When performing supervised learning (e.g., SVM) on data of this kind, the impact of time-varying correlation of the features on the outcomes / predictions may be … More Temporal Influence in Data Analysis


Previously, I have went through heuristically the description of topology using homology groups in this entry. [Ho 2015] This is the essence of algebraic topology. We describe the topology using Betti numbers, the rank of the homolog groups. What they mean can be summarized as: [Bubenik 2015] “… homology in degree 0 describes the connectedness … More Persistence