Development of Neural Architecture Search

Google launches her AutoML project last year, in an effort to automate the process of seeking the most appropriate neural net designs for a particular classification problem. Designing neural networks have been time consuming, despite the use of TensorFlow / Keras or other deep learning architecture nowadays. Therefore, the Google Brain team devised the Neural Architecture Search (NAS) using a recurrent neural network to perform reinforcement learning. (See their blog entry.) It is used to find the neural networks for image classifiers. (See their blog entry.)

Apparently, with a state-of-the-art hardware, it is of Google’s advantage to perform such an experiment on the CIFAR-10 dataset using 450 GPUs for 3-4 days. But this makes the work inaccessible for small companies or personal computers.

Then it comes an improvement to NAS: the Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameter Sharing (ENAS), which is a much more efficient method to search for a neural networks, by narrowing down the search in a subgraph. It reduces the need of GPUs.

While I do not think it is a threat to machine learning engineers, it is a great algorithm to note. It looks to me a brute-force algorithm, but it needs scientists and engineers to gain insights. Still, I believe development of the theory behind neural networks is much needed.

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