This is Kwan-Yuet (Stephen) Ho, Ph.D., an applied quantitative researcher, or a data scientist. With my expertise in machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP), Stephen develops statistical and mathematical models to perform information retrieval, and text mining. In addition, he carries out simulations, and analyzes the data.

I held a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, which lays his foundational knowledge to conduct applied quantitative research. He worked on various statistical physics research projects involving low-temperature systems (e.g., ultra-cold atoms and helical magnets), with theoretical tools such as probability theory, and field theory. He was also involved in various teaching duties.

I hope to share with you all about any recent advances in data sciences, interesting data projects, good papers, mathematical models, codes etc. Let’s learn together!


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  1. Great content but between the small, serif font, light grey text size, and white background I find it pretty hard to read. Just a suggestion, fixing one or two of these would boost readability significantly.


  2. 我是人民邮电出版社策划编辑陈兴璐。我没能搜索到您的邮箱,只能给您留言了。


  3. Stephen, excellent content. Outside of my day job I like to tackle some of the questions you bring up on your site. Would love to walk you through some of my findings and thoughts.


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