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Effective 12/23/2015, the title of the entries in this blog will no longer come with labels like “MathAnalytics,” “CodieNerd,” or “DataCritics” etc., because a lot of entries actually fit more than one labels. On the other hand, I want the headline to be beautified.

In order to find all the posts under, for example, “DataCritics,” go to the right top corner of this blog, click on “DataCritics” to retrieve all the posts under this category.


Hello world!

Welcome to this blog! I started this blog to share about ideas and projects in analytics and data science with colleagues and the general public!

I am a data scientist, an applied quantitative researcher. I specialize in data mining, natural language processing and machine learning. I held a Ph.D. in theoretical physics.

My blog posts may be categorized as:

  1. BirdView: a project involving big data techniques without technical details,
  2. CodieNerd: demonstration of ideas or algorithms with reasonable amount of codes,
  3. MathAnalytics: a formal introduction of some algorithms with a fair amount of equations and proofs, and
  4. DataCritics: comments on trends about the industry.

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