Spread of Ideas in Social Networks

Social networks have existed for millennia. In schools, fraternities, clubs and associations form various networks within the campus. In job hunting, networking is essential. Ideas spread across various academic circles, while within a school of thought people have some common ideas. Various intelligence agencies study extensively a terrorist organization by understanding their network structure. Recently, … More Spread of Ideas in Social Networks

Stochastics and Sentiment Analysis in Wall Street

Wall Street is not only a place of facilitating the money flow, but also a playground for scientists. When I was young, I saw one of my uncles plotting prices for stocks to perform technical analysis. When I was in college, my friends often talked about investing in a few financial futures and options. When … More Stochastics and Sentiment Analysis in Wall Street

Choices of Tools

When dealing with data analytics, what kind of things do we usually spend most of our time on? I would say data cleaning and modeling. Therefore, it is not merely software development. While we sometimes spend a lot of time in software architecture (which is important), before doing that, we have to explore what we … More Choices of Tools

Learning by Zooming Out

Deep learning, a collection of related neural network algorithms, has been proved successful in certain types of machine learning tasks in computer vision, speech recognition, data cleaning, and natural language processing (NLP). [Mikolov et. al. 2013] However, it was unclear how deep learning can be so successful. It looks like a black box with messy … More Learning by Zooming Out