moguTDA: Python package for Simplicial Complex

It has been a while since I wrote about topological data analysis (TDA). For pedagogical reasons, a lot of the codes were demonstrated in the Github repository PyTDA. However, it is not modularized as a package, and those codes run in Python 2.7 only.

Upon a few inquiries, I decided to release the codes as a PyPI package, and I named it mogutda, under the MIT license. It is open-source, and the codes can be found at the Github repository MoguTDA. It runs in Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6.

For more information and simple tutorial, please refer to the documentation, or the Github page.

  • Github: stephenhky/PyTDA. [Github]
  • PyPI: mogutda. [PyPI]
  • Github: stephenhky/MoguTDA. [Github]
  • mogutda’s documentation. [RTFD]
  • “Starting the Journey of Topological Data Analysis (TDA),” Everything About Data Analytics, WordPress (2015). [WordPress]
  • “Constructing Connectivities,”Everything About Data Analytics, WordPress (2015). [WordPress]
  • “Homology and Betti Numbers,”Everything About Data Analytics, WordPress (2015). [WordPress]

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